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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ventilation necessary to protect the laptop from overheating

The laptops are issued under the intense heat noise of many voices, and join them - in extreme cases - permanent damage. Should be on the collector laptops to ensure that the ventilation ports open, allowing air to enter enough of the device continuously.

" title="">Knak says Peter, an expert at testing the goods on consumer affairs in the German capital Berlin, "If the air intakes covered in down, it could - in extreme cases - permanent damage to the device."
As the battery capacity is less rapidly in the light of temperatures exceeding 70 degrees Celsius.
So in the case should not be subjected to extreme heat laptops to direct sunlight, taking into account and always put on a flat surface and solid.The high and continuous noise of the fan first warning signs which indicate that the risk of overheating. In this case, the user should dispense with the practice games or use the software with the capacity-intensive computing.And cause the battery while working on the device in the emergence of heat unnecessarily. So should the user leaves his computer plugged into the electric socket to take off the battery as much as possible during the summer.To prevent exposure of the laptop overheating can also use the pillow cool. These pillows and to provide the additional air down laptop, preferably using models made of aluminum, because it acted heat better than models made of plastic.According to German expert Knak to put coolers with fans on the desk is a little interest, citing the saying: "do not provide this additional cooling chillers only a few, as they constitute another source of noise on the office."