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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Information about Laptops for people who donnot know anything about laptops

Many people seemed interested in the laptopEven recent studies reported a growth of 60% of laptop market!Which shows the great demand to buy this kind of modern devicesAnd this is also accompanied by appetite, raises many questions and repeated questions from buyersDue to the large number of companies and models and the multiplicity of shapes and varietiesThis, unfortunately, the lack of people experience cognitive side and cut to the specifications of the device ...Means Maandna computerized Arabic culture ..Ashan as well as suggested I try to ask the subject to explain and clear, concise and useful, God willingSteps in the selection of appropriate laptops and important tips for buying ..(Either top or Aldsk Nkhalah the PC to another topic because he needed a separate issue and more details)FirstDo you really need a laptop!?Good question to ask yourself before you needed do not buyBecause I noticed many people buying Tiren Bajh Avatar Ashan so and Allan have a laptopIf your job at home or at the office only, the Khalk Aldsk Top Forget YouAs well as non-Aldsk Top with half price laptop and potentially reverse the development of Old laptop hard development (memories only)But if you are a computer addict and loves Taatbtah Ttsdh and right and left <Or you travel a lot or you are using Allowaarls (wireless connectivity) or cash with you and that you love yourself TdlaBest laptop choice ..II.What are the specifications and parts in the device!?Knowledge of specifications and the balance of the pieces is to find out the good from the badWelcomed the review and the most important pieces of work and their names so we know we choose the best:1 - ProcessorThe processor is the brain - such as the machine of the car - such as the heart of man <Is the prime mover of all operations in the device, so it has to be a modern, fast processorGood processors from newest to oldest:(Intel)Core 2 duoCore duoCentrinoCelaron <Which of course speeds starting from 1.6 to 2.3 GhzAnd a little bit extra which is (Cache)The standard size of it and the best 2 Miqabaat 4 MiqabaatAMD processors are alsoThe good ones and the AMD Athlon 64 X2And dual-core processors is generally a good nucleusThe AMD Sempron <Of course, Intel and AMD in a fierce competition and very evenlyBut many users are advised to Balintel that is the best ..2 - AlhardskAlhardsk is storage space for your files on the laptopAnd the multiple sizes .. Measured Pal GB = giga bytesStandard size 80 and everything will be more better ..(Old movies and aspiring pastor calculates the space needed by the OldAgayqa accommodate one video about 3 hours and you have the account)3 - RamRam is the right hand of the wizard .. Such as the secretary to the Director <So Halqtah very important and we have to look out forRam sizes, in which 512 MBAnd which 1 giga bytes (ie, 2 in 512)And a 2 giga bytes and these are the maximum capacity of the laptop now ..4 - Operating SystemIs known and either be Windows or linux or MacAnd sometimes the device is sold without an operating system (delirious recipe negative because most offers include operating system Genuine)Many hesitate to question, is Windows Vista or xp?Now widespread and the new Windows vista is a system respectful and open self-drawingsDisadvantage that the weight of a simple means such as flow of mu xpAvatar in general appreciate say VISTA is the right choice and in which several versions of itAnd all the dedicated device has the appropriate version of the specificationsAnd warn if your system has to be Vista-Ram do you have to be less than 1 gigaAnd also the preferred graphics card is 128.Xu graphics card .. Continued with me ..5 - graphics cardGraphics card segment, especially in data processing and image qualityThe sizes of the 64-128 - 256-512Are two types: a joint card - a separate cardCard to be shared jointly with the motherboard is the base of the OldAnd featuresProviding the battery is relatively + low price laptops in generalDisadvantagesDrawn from the RAM capacity byMeans if the card 128 and RAM 512 = 384 becomes RamAnd Misaleh to play the 3D games or games Strong ..Either be a separate piece of card separate from the motherboard and technology to the highestAdvantageSuitable for designers and sponsors games and gives clearDisadvantagesRaise the price of the device + battery consumes relatively more ..
6 - the size of the screenScreen sizes starting from 12 inches to 17 inchesStandard and spread 15 inchesIf you are a Beauty of the laptop is light and suitable price Take 14 inches(Each of 15 screen Masgrt increased price of the device and everything went well)Make sure the screen CrystalBe written by the clicks of TFT or Crystal viewNotice and be black and reflect your image of Elsafaoh ..7 - CD player the CD & DVDTypes of disk drives and best of the super multiMeans Ikry and copies of the CD and DVDMost new devices now available feature musical culture
8 - machine accessoriesBluetooth BluetootCamera CAMClosing and opening the finger print fingerprintWrite the names and photos on CD laser light scribeOk now review the model as a specific example to know the specificationsToshiba <Satellite A200 - 130 <• Intel Core Duo T2350 1.86 <• Windows Vista Home Basic <• 120 GB Hard disk <• 1024 MB DDR 2 RAM <• 15.4 "TrueBrite TFT <• DVD Super Multi D / L <• Shared 256 MB <• built-in camera <• year international warranty <III.How to buy a machine for you from hundreds of models!?The answer in one line:(Select Osh your use of the device and know the model exactly right for you)If you are a patron of game or hobby design focused on the discrete graphics card and a fast processorIf you are a patron of Net and Office programs load and possible walk with you and medium-standard specificationsIf you are a patron of Multimedia (Audio and video) and store focused on an area the size of the screen and AlhardskIf you are moving many of you take the small size of the screen until the device is a lightThus, latch Old Model in your head as you requirements met by Old ..IV.The big question: buy from any company or companies best!?Many of the experts and shop owners'll come across reluctant to answer HalsaalBecause it is difficult in the world of laptop control or differential wholesale companies!Even global positioning in the evaluation is assessed based on the manufacturerBut on the Model + specificationThis is really important!!Because in my view companies now in a fierce competition and returned the trade-off centers and largeDell - Toshiba - Sony - Asus - Siemens - IBM (think pad) - Acer - HPAre all strong companies and all alone, which have advantagesBaaht and comment from the line on each company:sony - small screens of their gameAsus - the boasting and excellencetoshiba - each received your tastesDell - Toshiba, with the two sides of the coin alone <