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Thursday, July 14, 2011

the most serious problems of laptop

Spread laptops laptop dramatically, especially with the lower prices significantly, but that the problems of mobile devices may plague new users, which makes them feel confused, although easily resolved in many cases .. Today we recognize together some of the problems on the laptop and its solutions:

When running Laptop Compaq Pentium 3 does not find work, but the screen is black, the problem may be in Alramat, but a Alcolmbak Ram own vehicle on Almadhirbord motherboard and you need to work disable change, better go for a computer engineer because years Alramat minutes.

What is said about that a lot of laptops batteries lose their effectiveness if they continue to re-shipped to empty completely before the "error"? Batteries today, "lithium Allaaon" I do not suffer from this problem, you do not need to run even emptied completely, but you have to do it between now and then, and this thing is with a notebook, "NBC's" Old batteries from "Kadiom nickel," but In addition, when the output battery laptop while the computer may lead to the suspension of the work or cause problems in writing, has turned colors icons taskbar to white and black ... and the solution may cause to remove the battery the wrong way in a number of problems, so we change the operating system a new one ...

If we include a PIN on Modiom and forget the PIN number the solution is: If we look at the bottom of the modem or on its side, we find a small hole labeled "Reset" we get a needle and with the utmost caution we press it, it is for the system to its original state, this process returns the device as new and customize the options of a new .

If we have a personal password Ballab Top, and we found the solution is repeated letters: Connecting an external keyboard in the USB slots USB, and enter your Albasword Ballab top and change to numbers.

When you plug your monitor Data show Ballab Top Acer travel mate 3260 shows a blue screen that read No signal, and when connected Ballab Top of the type of HP do not occur any problems ......
Solution: you must press the FN button with the button that shows a picture of your screen or CRT / LCD.