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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The dangerous of laptops

Most people are dealing with your laptop in many aspects of public life and private ..

And how serious this matter is that the laptop is placed on the legs ..

It is known that the device's battery to be in the lower side of it ..

And that these Batariatertf temperature with the length of use ..

As the laptop battery Jhazaltanasla be adjacent to the young man or the heat

Lead to increase the temperature of the testicles and Batalli affect sperm production.

And consumes a laptop while it is running the amount of electric power

More than those needed by the battery when it runs.

Reason for this is that when you run electricity for the computer screen to operate at full capacity

And the lighting is high when the battery runs low, the proportion of lighting energy efficient ..

The greater the consumption of laptop power supply whenever the temperature resulted in the largest.

Therefore, to avoid as much as possible to introduce a laptop on your lap while it is running electricity to that

In this case you reach a larger amount of heat.

Which in turn raises the temperature of the testicles which affects the quality and quantity of sperm for men.

It is scientifically known that the presence of testes bag provides them the optimum temperature at least from the heat

Body with three degrees in order to provide the appropriate environment for the manufacture of sperm, and causes a rise in

Temperature to a decrease in sperm count and poor movement and reduced ability to vaccinate

The egg may cause the temperature rise also to the small size of the testis and the disruption of sperm-making process ..

This rise in temperature has the same effect as what is known as varicose testicles.

Varicocele is the name given to the expansion and widening of the veins that prevent blood from the testicle, which

Leads to reflux of blood in the came to him and raise the temperature of the testicle.

Put laptop on the knee is definitely not a healthy situation for both of the joints or the neck

And also for the side effect of the eye, which was discovered recently on fertility in men,

When you use the computer level must be at a higher level Aalaanin point screen

We must look at the display from the front of any Atjolha to the right or left of the head.

Headache, which affects users of personal computers and mobile phones after a period of dealing with

Computer is often the result of the development is unhealthy for the eyes in the direction of the computer screen must be

The direction of the hand in the same direction as the wrist in the same direction as the forearm it reduces the risk of inflammatory arthritis.

Dear men: you deal with the computer and develop a sound and healthy, especially if you use a computer for long periods of time. "

For the impact of laptops on women

For as reported by Dr / Amina Mokhtar

Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology

Member, American Society of Fertility and Sterility

God willing, it has no effect on the fertility of women never

But through my own experience

Heat effect on the body, either a woman or a man
It leads to first-degree burns of the first layer of the skin